Old New (York)

I spent a month in New York earlier this year for work. I'd never been before and it was a weird way to visit for the first time. My company had rented me an apartment at 3rd and 34th, only about a ten minute walk from our office there where I would be working. And this was in June which, while NYC is apparently quite hot in a normal summer, was the most humid place I have ever been in my life, and that includes Thailand in summer. 

After a 5 hour flight delay on the way there, I landed in New Jersey in a rain storm which continued still when I arrived by Amtrak in Manhattan. It was after 9pm on Sunday at this point and so, within 11 hours of arriving in New York for the first time, I was sweaty and walking to work and that pretty much sums up my weekdays for the entire month. 

My company graciously flew my wife down on the weekends, and we spent the time meandering around the city, which was pretty much what I spent my evenings doing when she wasn't there as well, which is probably all I will ever do when I visit again in the future (I've actually already been back since). I'd never felt a huge need to visit NYC before because I live in a pretty big city as is and there was so much else I felt I wanted to see elsewhere in the world first. But it was amazing. What an insane place. Just buzzing with life. It really is the world's city, a bastion of the future but also with a very old feeling to it as well. The streets are either narrow and full of European architecture, with open-fronted bars and cafes spilling out on to the sidewalk, or huge, 8-lane sprawls with towering skyscapers and bustling suits storming around and yet it all sits comfortably alongside each other.

It is definitely a walking city and next week I am going to post a series of collections of shots I took while wandering.