My 4.5 star review of my husband, the photographer (aka: a meditation on patience by my beautiful wife)

Dave's number one passion is, besides me of course, photography, which explains why he is so amazing at it. We have so many great memories of our life captured wonderfully by his eye and his camera...well, that's not totally true. what we do have is so many great pictures of trees, birds, clouds, lightning...I am reasonably sure I've seen a couple of us in there somewhere, but I'm not positive. I am pretty confidant when we travel his check list goes: passport, camera, wife, wallet, etc.

Sometimes, when we go for a walk, I will be telling him a hilarious story and just as I get to the best part I realize Dave is 30 feet  back, camera to his eye, taking the perfect shot of a bird.

I hate birds.

It's fine though, we will have tons of beautiful photos of the places we have been and things we have seen covering our walls... And I will just have to check Facebook to see if any of the strangers we met during our travels tagged us in any photos together.